Nebraska Revised Statute 19-4027

Chapter 19 Section 4027


Hearing to create district; city council; duties; protest; effect.

Whenever a hearing is held under section 19-4029, the city council shall:

(1) Hear all protests and receive evidence for or against the proposed action;

(2) Rule upon all written protests received prior to the close of the hearing, which ruling shall be final; and

(3) Continue the hearing from time to time as the city council may deem necessary.

If a special assessment is to be used, proceedings shall terminate if written protest is made prior to the close of the hearing by the record owners of over fifty percent of the assessable units in the proposed district. If an occupation tax is to be used, proceedings shall terminate if protest is made by users of over fifty percent of the space in the proposed district.



  • Publicly owned property is exempt from general purpose taxation, but it is not exempt from special assessment taxation. Therefore, publicly owned front feet are not excluded in making the computations concerning assessable front footage. Lessees are not "owners" for purposes of protest under this section. Easley v. City of Lincoln, 213 Neb. 450, 330 N.W.2d 130 (1983).

  • The term "assessable unit" contained herein is not synonymous with the term "front foot"; it refers, rather, to a delineation of the resulting assessments on a lot or parcel basis. North Star Lodge #227, A.F. & A.M. v. City of Lincoln, 212 Neb. 236, 322 N.W.2d 419 (1982).