Nebraska Revised Statute 19-3321

Chapter 19


District boundaries; additional land; notice; mailing; protest; number required; effect.

If a change proposed pursuant to section 19-3320 is to include additional land in the offstreet parking district, the city clerk also shall mail a copy of the notice to each person to whom land in the area proposed to be added is assessed as shown in the office of the register of deeds or the county clerk at such person's last-known address. The notice shall be mailed by certified mail at least fifteen days prior to the time set for hearing objections. If the boundaries are changed, objection or protest made by owners of lands excluded by the change shall not be counted in computing a protest but written objection or protest made by owners of the remaining assessable land in the district, including assessable land added by the change and filed with the city clerk not later than the time set for hearing, objecting to the proposed change shall be included in computing the protest. If owners of real property representing more than fifty percent of the taxable valuation of all real property in such new proposed district after the change of boundaries file a written protest within twenty days after the notice is published in such newspaper, then such district may not be changed.


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