Nebraska Revised Statute 19-2201

Chapter 19 Section 2201


Error in platting; corporate limits; city council or board of trustees; resolution; contents.

When any part of a city of the first or second class or village shall have been platted (1) the plat having been recorded with the register of deeds of the proper county for more than ten years; (2) the streets and alleys having been dedicated to the public and such city or village having accepted such dedication by maintenance and use of the said streets and alleys, and the inhabitants of that part of such city or village having been subject to taxation including the levy of such city or village and having had the right of franchise in all the elections of such city or village for a period of more than ten years; and (3) such part of such city or village is contiguous and adjacent to such corporate city or village or a properly annexed addition thereto; but, when there is error in the platting thereof or the proceeding to annex the part of such city or village which renders the annexation ineffectual or where there is a total lack of an attempted annexation of record, the council or board of trustees of such city or village may by resolution correct the corporate limits, if adopted by a two-thirds vote of all members of such council or board of trustees. The resolution shall describe the part of such city or village in general terms, direct the proper officers of the city or village to make application to the district court of the county in which such territory lies for the correction and reestablishment of the corporate limits of such city or village. The resolution, and the vote thereon, shall be spread upon the records of the council or board.


  • Laws 1955, c. 60, § 1, p. 190.