Nebraska Revised Statute 18-636

Chapter 18


Sections, how construed.

Sections 18-617 to 18-636 shall be construed as independent, supplemental, and in addition to any other laws of the State of Nebraska relating to the elimination of grade crossings, and shall be deemed to provide the entire powers, facilities, and expenditures necessary to accomplish the elimination of grade crossings in the manner provided. No other provision of law shall be effectual as a limitation upon the powers or proceedings contained in such sections, but other provisions of law may be relied upon to supplement and effectuate the purposes of such sections.



  • This section is not a special saving clause but is a proviso. State ex rel. City of Grand Island v. Union Pacific R. R. Co., 152 Neb. 772, 42 N.W.2d 867 (1950).