Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2724

Chapter 18


Issuance of bonds; purpose; not general obligation of city.

Any city which has received voter approval to conduct an economic development program pursuant to the Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act, which program as presented to the voters included the authority to issue bonds pursuant to the act, may from time to time issue bonds as provided in sections 18-2724 to 18-2736. Such bonds shall be in such principal amounts as the city's governing body deems necessary to provide sufficient funds to carry out any of the purposes of and powers granted pursuant to the economic development program, including the establishment or increase of reserves and the payment of all other costs or expenses of the city incident to and necessary or convenient to carry out the economic development program. Principal and interest on the bonds shall be payable from one or more sources which are to be deposited in the economic development fund pursuant to section 18-2718. The bonds shall not be a general obligation of the city or a pledge of its credit or taxing power except to the extent of the obligation of the city to contribute funds to the economic development program pursuant to the act.


  • Laws 1993, LB 732, § 1.