Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2525

Chapter 18 Section 2525


Initiative petition; request for special election; failure of municipal governing body to pass; effect.

Whenever an initiative petition bearing signatures equal in number to at least twenty percent of the qualified electors of a municipal subdivision, which petition requests that a special election be called to submit the initiative measure to a vote of the people, has been filed with the city clerk and verified pursuant to section 18-2518, it shall be the duty of the municipal subdivision's governing body to consider passage of the measure contained in the petition, including an override of any veto, if necessary. If the governing body fails to pass the measure, without amendment, including an override of any veto, if necessary, within thirty days from the date it received notification pursuant to section 18-2518, the city clerk shall cause the measure to be submitted to a vote of the people at a special election called for such purpose. Subject to the provisions of section 18-2521, the date of such election shall not be less than thirty nor more than sixty days from the date the governing body received notification pursuant to section 18-2518.


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