Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2142.05

Chapter 18


Construction of workforce housing; governing body; duties.

Prior to approving a redevelopment project that expressly carries out the construction of workforce housing, a governing body shall (1) receive a housing study which is current within twenty-four months, (2) prepare an incentive plan for construction of housing in the municipality targeted to house existing or new workers, (3) hold a public hearing on such incentive plan with notice which complies with the conditions set forth in section 18-2115.01, and (4) after the public hearing find that such incentive plan is necessary to prevent the spread of blight and substandard conditions within the municipality, will promote additional safe and suitable housing for individuals and families employed in the municipality, and will not result in the unjust enrichment of any individual or company. A public hearing held under this section shall be separate from any public hearing held under section 18-2115.