Nebraska Revised Statute 18-1002

Chapter 18


Site; purchase; payment.

Whenever the Nebraska National Guard and State Guard desire any city or village in this state to acquire at the cost of not to exceed ten thousand dollars to such city or village by condemnation, or otherwise, any lot, piece, or parcel of land within the corporate limits of such city or village for a state armory site, the Adjutant General shall notify the city clerk or village clerk of such city or village in writing to that effect. The city clerk or village clerk shall present the notice to the governing body at its next regular or special meeting. If a majority of the members of the governing body shall favor the acquisition of such lot, piece, or parcel of land, the governing body shall order such acquisition by resolution duly passed and approved and recorded in the minutes. The mayor or chairperson of the village board of trustees, as the case may be, shall designate a committee from the governing body to negotiate with the owner or owners of such real estate for the purchase thereof for the purposes and uses provided in this section. If the committee and the owners are able to agree on the price, value, and title of the land, the committee shall report in writing its agreement with the owners to the governing body. If the agreement is ratified, approved, and confirmed in all things by the governing body by a majority vote of its members, by ordinance upon receipt of a deed properly executed, approved as to form and substance by the city attorney or village attorney in writing, from the owner or owners, as grantors to the city or village, as the case may be, as grantee, such governing body shall direct the issuance through its proper officers of warrants upon the state armory site fund, as authorized by sections 18-1005 and 18-1006. Such warrants so issued shall be drawn payable to the owner or owners of the land.


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