Nebraska Revised Statute 18-1006

Chapter 18


Warrants; issuance; amount; fund; purpose.

Any city or village may anticipate the collection of a special tax collected as provided in section 18-1005 to be budgeted and levied in its adopted budget statement and for that purpose may issue its warrants, in a sum amounting to eighty-five percent of the tax to be levied, as provided in section 18-1005, for the amount of any award issued in condemnation and for the costs and expenses incident thereto, as provided in section 18-1003. Warrants so issued shall be secured by such tax which shall be assessed and levied, as provided by law, and shall be payable only out of funds derived from such tax. In any case in which warrants are issued, as provided in this section, it shall be the duty of such city or village, on receipt of such tax when paid, to hold the same as a separate fund, to be known as the state armory site fund, to the amount of the warrants so issued, and the interest thereon, for the purpose of paying or redeeming such warrants.


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