Nebraska Revised Statute 17-953

Chapter 17


Public buildings; acquisition or construction; approval of electors required; exception.

Cities of the second class and villages are hereby authorized and empowered to (1) purchase, (2) accept by gift or devise, (3) purchase real estate upon which to erect, and (4) erect a building or buildings for an auditorium, fire station, municipal building, or community house for housing municipal enterprises and social and recreation purposes, and other public buildings, including the construction of buildings authorized to be constructed by Chapter 72, article 14, and including construction of buildings to be leased in whole or in part by the city or village to any other political or governmental subdivision of the State of Nebraska authorized by law to lease such buildings, and maintain, manage, and operate the same for the benefit of the inhabitants of such cities or villages. Except as provided in section 17-953.01, before any such purchase can be made or building erected, the question shall be submitted to the electors of such city or village at a general municipal election or at an election duly called for that purpose, or as set forth in section 17-954, and be adopted by a majority of the electors voting on such question.


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