Nebraska Revised Statute 17-952

Chapter 17 Section 952


Board of commissioners; members; duties.

In each city of the second class or village, where land for park purposes or recreational facilities is acquired, or swimming pools, recreational facilities, or dams may be built, the mayor and city council of the city or the village board of trustees may provide by ordinance for the creation of a board of park commissioners, or board of park and recreation commissioners, which, in either case, shall be composed of not less than three members, who shall be residents of the city or village, and who shall have charge of all parks and recreational facilities belonging to the city or village, and shall have the power to establish rules for the management, care, and use of the same. Where such board of park commissioners or board of park and recreation commissioners has been appointed and qualified, all accounts against the park fund or park and recreation fund shall be audited by such board, and warrants against the fund shall be drawn by the chairperson of such board, and warrants so drawn shall be paid by the city treasurer or village treasurer out of such fund.