Nebraska Revised Statute 17-937

Chapter 17


Existing cemetery association; trustees; oath; bond; vacancy; how filled.

In the case of the transfer of the management and control of a city cemetery or village cemetery as provided in sections 17-934 and 17-935, each of the trustees of the cemetery association shall qualify by subscribing to an oath in the office of the city clerk or village clerk, as the case may be, substantially as follows: That he or she will faithfully, impartially, and honestly perform his or her duties as such trustee. Whenever the trustees of any cemetery association organized under sections 17-926 to 17-939 shall receive the gift of any property, real or personal, in trust, for the perpetual care of such cemetery, or anything connected therewith, such trustees shall, upon the enactment of bylaws by the association to that effect, require the treasurer of such association to give a bond to such association in a sum equal to the amount of such trust fund and other personal property, conditioned for the faithful administration of such trust and for the care of such funds and property. Such bonds shall be approved by the mayor of the city or by the chairperson of the village board of trustees and shall remain on file with and in the custody of the city clerk or the village clerk. The premium on the bond of the treasurer shall be paid from available cemetery funds credited to or in the hands of such cemetery association. In the event of a vacancy occurring among the members of the board of trustees of such cemetery association, such vacancy shall be filled in the like manner as the original member of such board of trustees was elected in accordance with the provisions of section 12-501. Each trustee elected to fill such vacancy shall subscribe to the oath as provided in this section. Such appointment to fill such vacancy shall continue until the successor of such trustee shall be duly elected and qualified.