Nebraska Revised Statute 17-939

Chapter 17


Cemetery; acquisition; bonds; interest; approval of electors required.

The mayor and city council of any city of the second class or the village board of trustees of any village is hereby authorized to issue bonds in a sum not exceeding ten thousand dollars for the purpose of acquiring title by purchase or by virtue of eminent domain to land used for cemetery purposes and that may be acquired for any necessary addition to any existing cemetery. No such bonds shall be issued until the question of issuing the same shall be submitted to the electors of any such city or village at a general election thereof, or at a special election called for the purpose of submitting the proposition of issuing such bonds, and unless at such election a majority of the electors voting on the proposition shall have voted in favor of issuing such bonds. Such bonds shall be payable in not exceeding ten years from date and shall bear interest payable annually or semiannually. Notice of such election shall be given by publication in a legal newspaper in or of general circulation in the city or village for three successive weeks, the final publication to be not more than ten days prior to the date of such election. The election shall be governed by the Election Act.


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Cross References

  • Election Act, see section 32-101.