Nebraska Revised Statute 17-104

Chapter 17


City council members; election; term; qualifications.

Unless the city elects city council members at large as provided in section 32-554, each ward of each city of the second class shall have at least two city council members elected in the manner provided in the Election Act. The term of office shall begin on the first regular meeting of the city council in December following the statewide general election. No person shall be eligible to the office of city council member who is not at the time of the election an actual resident of the ward for which he or she is elected and a registered voter.


Cross References

  • City council, election, see section 32-533.
  • Election Act, see section 32-101.
  • Vacancies, see sections 32-568 and 32-569.


  • Each ward in each city is required to have at least two councilmen elected by the qualified electors of their respective wards, and there is no such office as a councilman at large. State ex rel. Barron v. Neff, 87 Neb. 615, 127 N.W. 881 (1910).

  • Councilman is required to be an elector. Haywood v. Marshall, 53 Neb. 220, 73 N.W. 449 (1897).

  • An ordinance creating wards requires an affirmative vote of a majority of the councilmen. State ex rel. Grosshans v. Gray, 23 Neb. 365, 36 N.W. 577 (1888).