Nebraska Revised Statute 15-823

Chapter 15


Taxes; revenue to pay bonds; investment.

All taxes levied for the purpose of raising money to pay interest or to create a sinking fund for the payment of the principal of any funded or bonded debt of the city shall be payable in money only, and except as otherwise expressly provided no money so obtained shall be used for any other purpose than the payment of the interest or debt for the payment of which they shall have been raised; Provided, such sinking fund may, under the direction of the mayor and council, be invested in any of the underdue bonds issued by the city, provided they can be secured by the treasurer at such rate or premiums as shall be prescribed by ordinance. Any due or overdue coupon or bond shall be a sufficient warrant or order for the payment of the same out of any fund specially created for that purpose, without any further order or allowance by the mayor or council.


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