Nebraska Revised Statute 15-822

Chapter 15


Special assessments; reassessment; procedure.

The council shall have power in all cases where special assessments for any purpose have or may be declared void or invalid for want of jurisdiction in making or levying such special assessments, or on account of any defect or irregularity in the manner of levying the same, or for any cause whatever, to reassess and relevy a new assessment equal to the special benefits or not to exceed the cost of the improvement for which the assessment was made upon the property originally assessed, and such assessment so made shall constitute a lien upon the property prior and superior to all other liens except liens for taxes or other special assessments; Provided, in all cases under the provisions of this section the council before making any such reassessment or relevy of special taxes or assessments shall give five days' notice in a newspaper published and of general circulation in the city of the time when the council will meet to determine the matter of reassessing or relevying all such special assessments.


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  • Reassessment of benefits is provided for when original assessment is invalid. Shanahan v. Johnson, 170 Neb. 399, 102 N.W.2d 858 (1960).