Nebraska Revised Statute 15-403

Chapter 15


Ordinances; form; publication; when operative.

The style of ordinances shall be: Be it ordained by the city council of the city of ........ . All ordinances shall be published within fifteen days after passage thereof, such publication to be sufficient if published in one issue of a daily or weekly newspaper of general circulation in the city, or posted on the official bulletin board of the city at the city hall, or in book or pamphlet form, as may be provided by ordinance, to be distributed or sold in the city. Ordinances fixing a penalty or forfeiture for the violation thereof shall not take effect until fifteen days after passage, and in no case before one week after the publication thereof in the manner above prescribed; Provided, in case of riots, infectious or contagious diseases or other impending danger or other emergency requiring immediate operation of the ordinance, the same shall take effect immediately upon the publication thereof as above prescribed. All ordinances, except as hereinabove prescribed, shall take effect fifteen days after passage.


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