Nebraska Revised Statute 15-402

Chapter 15


Ordinances, passage; publication; proof.

Ordinances of a city of the primary class shall be passed pursuant to such rules and regulations as the city council may provide and may be proved by the certificate of the city clerk under seal of the city. The passage, approval, publication, or posting of ordinances shall be sufficiently proved by certificate of the city clerk under seal of the city showing when passed and approved, when and in what legal newspaper published, or when, by whom, and where the ordinance was posted. Ordinances printed or published in book, pamphlet, or electronic form, purporting to be published under authority of the city, shall be received in evidence in all courts without further proof. All such ordinances need not be otherwise published and shall be received in court as evidence of the passage, approval, and publication thereof, as required by law, and of the respective dates thereof.


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  • Courts will not enjoin passage of unauthorized ordinance. Chicago, R. I. & P. Ry. Co. v. City of Lincoln, 85 Neb. 733, 124 N.W. 142 (1910).