Nebraska Revised Statute 14-3,100

Chapter 14


Streets; grade; committee; appraisal and report of damages; special assessments; appraisers; fees; damages; award.

After the grade of any street or alley shall be finally changed or the grading of such street or alley finally ordered as provided in sections 14-384 to 14-3,127 and before any assessments are levied, a committee of at least three disinterested residents of the city shall be appointed by the city to appraise the damages caused by the change of grade or grading. The committee shall promptly make an appraisal of and report its award of such damages as the committee determines have been occasioned by such change of grade or grading. Prior to entering upon their duties, such appraisers shall take and file such oath as may be required by law. The committee shall hold meetings on such reasonable notice to the interested parties as the city may from time to time provide, and may take testimony with respect to the question of damages. The committee shall report its award to the city and the city shall have the authority to approve such report, to change or modify any award on reasonable notice to the interested parties, or to reject the entire report or the award as to any particular property. The appraisers appointed under this section shall be entitled to fees for their time spent which shall be determined in such manner as the city shall from time to time provide.