Nebraska Revised Statute 14-216

Chapter 14


City council; meetings; quorum; majority vote; veto; override.

The regular meetings of the city council shall be held once each week upon such day and hour as the council may designate. Special meetings of the council may be called from time to time by the mayor or two council members, giving notice in such manner as may be fixed or determined by ordinance or resolution. A majority of such council shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business, but it shall require a majority vote of the whole council in any such city to pass any measure or transact any business. The vote of five members shall be required to override any veto by the mayor.


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  • No particular form for notice of special meeting of city council is required, nor is it required that object of the meeting shall be stated in call. Call set out in opinion was sufficient. Richardson v. City of Omaha, 74 Neb. 297, 104 N.W. 172 (1905); National Life Ins. Co. v. City of Omaha, 73 Neb. 41, 102 N.W. 73 (1905).