Nebraska Revised Statute 14-215

Chapter 14


City council; powers; offices, boards, employment; officers and employees; salaries.

The council shall have power to create any office or board it deems necessary, and shall have power to discontinue any employment or abolish any office at any time when, in the judgment of the council, such employment or office is no longer necessary. It shall have power to fix the salary and compensation of all city officers and employees where such salary or compensation is not fixed or established by this act. It may create a board of three or more members and confer upon such board powers not required to be exercised by the council itself, and may require such other officers to serve upon any such board and perform the services required of it, with or without any compensation or additional compensation for such services or additional services.


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Cross References

  • "This act", defined, see section 14-101.


  • Salary of an officer created by the Constitution cannot be increased or diminished during his official term. This applies to police judge. State ex rel. Gordon v. Moores, 61 Neb. 9, 84 N.W. 399 (1900).