Nebraska Revised Statute 14-1801

Chapter 14


Metropolitan transit authority; declaration of policy.

It is hereby determined and declared as a matter of legislative finding and policy:

(1) That traffic, passenger, truck, and pedestrian, in the streets of cities of the metropolitan class, a county in which such a city is located, adjacent counties, and cities and villages located in such counties, has become severely congested by the great number of motor vehicles operating therein; that such conditions have been accentuating for a period of years, and all signs and indications are that such congestion will continue to increase; that such conditions constitute a hazard and a handicap to the use of streets within such counties, cities, and villages and constitute a continuing detriment to the operation of all characters of business in such counties, cities, and villages; all of which is a matter of statewide concern, and, unless legislative action is taken, will constitute a public nuisance; and these conditions can and should be relieved by mass transportation of passengers, which an authority, as herein created, could provide.

(2) That such street traffic congestion has created a dangerous hazard to the lives and property of pedestrians and those traveling in private and public vehicles.

(3) That uncongested and unobstructed traffic, both of pedestrians and those riding in or transporting merchandise in vehicles, is necessary to the public health, safety, security, prosperity, well-being, and welfare of all the people.

(4) That such existing congestion of the streets in such counties, cities, and villages handicaps and obstructs the administration of firefighting forces and police protection forces.

(5) That the relieving of congestion in the streets of such counties, cities, and villages and the providing of a comprehensive passenger transportation system in such counties, cities, and villages is a matter of public interest and statewide concern and within the powers and authority inhering in and reserved to the state.