Nebraska Revised Statute 13-802

Chapter 13


Purpose of act.

It is the purpose of the Interlocal Cooperation Act to permit local governmental units to make the most efficient use of their taxing authority and other powers by enabling them to cooperate with other localities on a basis of mutual advantage and thereby to provide services and facilities in a manner and pursuant to forms of governmental organization that will accord best with geographic, economic, population, and other factors influencing the needs and development of local communities.


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  • The city of Omaha was not authorized by the Interlocal Cooperation Act to divert part of Elmwood Park to the university for a parking lot. Gallagher v. City of Omaha, 189 Neb. 598, 204 N.W.2d 157 (1973).

  • Interest in holding job with governmental agency not first amendment interest, but first amendment protections come into play when governmental employer makes decision to deprive public employee of benefit of government employment on a basis that infringes his interest in freedom of speech or association. Rose v. Eastern Neb. Human Serv. Agency, 510 F.Supp. 1343 (D. Neb. 1981).