Nebraska Revised Statute 13-513

Chapter 13


Auditor; request information; late fee; failure to provide information; auditor powers.

(1) The auditor shall, on or before August 1 each year, request information from each governing body in a form prescribed by the auditor regarding (a) trade names, corporate names, or other business names under which the governing body operates and (b) agreements to which the governing body is a party under the Interlocal Cooperation Act and the Joint Public Agency Act. Each governing body shall provide such information to the auditor on or before September 30.

(2) Information requested pursuant to this section that is not received by the auditor on or before September 30 shall be delinquent. The auditor shall notify the political subdivision by facsimile transmission, email, or first-class mail of such delinquency. Beginning on the day that such notification is sent, the auditor may assess the political subdivision a late fee of twenty dollars per day for each calendar day the requested information remains delinquent. The total late fee assessed to a political subdivision under this section shall not exceed two thousand dollars per delinquency.

(3) The auditor shall remit to the State Treasurer for credit to the Auditor of Public Accounts Cash Fund a remedial fee sufficient to reimburse the direct costs of administering and enforcing this section, but such remedial fee shall not exceed one hundred dollars from any late fee received under this section. The auditor shall remit any late fee amount in excess of one hundred dollars received under this section to the State Treasurer to be distributed in accordance with Article VII, section 5, of the Constitution of Nebraska.

(4) If a political subdivision fails to provide the information requested under this section on or before September 30, the auditor may, at his or her discretion, audit such political subdivision. The expense of such audit shall be paid by the political subdivision.

Cross References

  • Interlocal Cooperation Act, see section 13-801.
  • Joint Public Agency Act, see section 13-2501.