Nebraska Revised Statute 13-2809

Chapter 13


Municipalities and fire protection districts within municipal county; treatment.

(1) An area within the boundaries of a municipality which remains within the boundaries of a municipal county and is not consolidated into the municipal county at the time of the formation of the municipal county shall not be considered to be part of the municipal county for any purpose. Such a municipality shall not be annexed by the municipal county, and such a municipality shall not annex any territory, for at least four years after the date of creation of the municipal county. Such a municipality shall retain:

(a) The authority to levy property taxes, not to exceed ninety cents per one hundred dollars of taxable value except as provided in sections 77-3442 and 77-3444; and

(b) All the other powers and duties applicable to a municipality of the same population with the same form of government in effect on the date of creation of the municipal county, including, but not limited to, its zoning jurisdiction and the authority to impose a tax as provided in the Local Option Revenue Act.

(2) In order to provide economical and efficient services, a municipality within the boundaries of a municipal county may annex adjacent territory within the municipal county if the municipal county consents. Consent shall be granted if the services will be provided by the municipality within the annexed territory at less cost than similar services provided by the municipal county.

(3) All fire protection districts which are within the boundaries of a municipal county shall continue to exist after formation of the municipal county.

Cross References

  • Local Option Revenue Act, see section 77-27,148.