Nebraska Revised Statute 13-2602

Chapter 13


Legislative findings.

(1) The Legislature finds that it will be beneficial to the economic well-being of the people of this state that there be convention and meeting center facilities and sports arena facilities of appropriate size and quality to host regional, national, or international events. Regional refers to states that border Nebraska; national refers to states other than those that border Nebraska; and international refers to nations other than the United States.

(2) The Legislature further finds that such facilities may (a) generate new economic activity as well as additional state and local taxes from persons residing within and outside the state and (b) create new economic opportunities for residents.

(3) In order that the state may receive any long-term economic and fiscal benefits from such facilities, a need exists to provide some state assistance to political subdivisions endeavoring to construct, acquire, substantially reconstruct, expand, operate, improve, or equip such facilities.

(4) Therefor, it is deemed to be in the best interest of both the state and its political subdivisions that the state assist political subdivisions in financing the construction, acquisition, substantial reconstruction, expansion, operation, improvement, or equipping of such facilities.

(5) The amount of state assistance shall be limited to a designated portion of state sales tax revenue collected by retailers and operators doing business at such facilities on sales at such facilities, state sales tax revenue collected on primary and secondary box office sales of admissions to such facilities, and state sales tax revenue collected by associated hotels.

Cross References

  • Limitation on applications, see section 13-2612.