Nebraska Revised Statute 13-2034

Chapter 13


Rules and regulations.

The council shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations which shall include the following:

(1) A permit program for facilities providing for permits to be issued to owners and operators;

(2) Requirements for the collection, source separation, storage, transportation, transfer, processing, recycling, resource recovery, treatment, and disposal of solid wastes as well as developmental and operational plans for facilities. Regulations concerning operations may include waste characterization, composition, and source identification, site improvements, air and methane gas monitoring, ground water and surface water monitoring, daily cover, insect and rodent control, salvage operations, waste tire disposal, safety and restricted access, inspection of loads and any other necessary inspection or verification requirements, reporting of monitoring analysis, record-keeping requirements and other reporting requirements, handling and disposal of wastes with special characteristics, and any other operational criteria, location criteria, or design criteria necessary to minimize environmental and health risks and to provide protection of the air, land, and waters of the state; and

(3) Requirements for closure, postclosure care and monitoring, and investigative and corrective action with respect to landfills. Such rules and regulations shall require financial assurance for such activities after April 9, 1996. Such rules and regulations shall impose any necessary requirements upon owners or operators in order to assure proper closure, care, monitoring, and investigative and corrective action with respect to landfills to minimize the need for future maintenance and eliminate, to the extent necessary to protect humans, animals, and the environment, releases or the threat of releases of contaminants or leachate.