Nebraska Revised Statute 13-1701

Chapter 13


Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 13-1701 to 13-1714 and 76-2,119:

(1) Applicant shall mean any person as defined in section 81-1502 who is required to obtain a permit from the department for a solid waste disposal area or a solid waste processing facility but shall not include any person applying for renewal of such a permit or any person as defined in such section who proposes to dispose of waste which he or she generates on property which he or she owns as of January 1, 1991;

(2) Department shall mean the Department of Environment and Energy;

(3) Solid waste disposal area shall mean an area used for the disposal of solid waste from more than one residential premises or from one or more recreational, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, or governmental operations; and

(4) Solid waste processing facility shall mean an incinerator or a compost plant receiving material, other than yard waste, in quantities greater than one thousand cubic yards annually.