Nebraska Revised Statute 13-1203

Chapter 13


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Nebraska Public Transportation Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Public transportation shall mean the transport of passengers on a regular and continuing basis by motor carrier for hire, whether over regular or irregular routes, over any public road in this state, including city bus systems, intercity bus systems, special public transportation systems to include portal-to-portal escorted service for the elderly or handicapped, taxi, subscription, dial-a-ride, or other demand-responsive systems, and those motor carriers for hire which may carry elderly or handicapped individuals for a set fare, a donation, or at no cost to such individuals. Public transportation shall not include motor carriers for hire when engaged in the transportation of school children and teachers to and from school and school-related activities and shall not include private car pools;

(2) Department shall mean the Department of Transportation;

(3) Director shall mean the Director-State Engineer;

(4) Elderly shall mean any person sixty-two years of age or older who is drawing social security and every person sixty-five years of age and older;

(5) Handicapped shall mean any individual who is unable without special facilities or special planning or design to utilize public transportation facilities and services;

(6) Municipality shall mean any village or incorporated city, except cities of the metropolitan class operating under home rule charter;

(7) Qualified public-purpose organization shall mean an incorporated private not-for-profit group or agency which:

(a) Has operated or proposes to operate only motor vehicles having a seating capacity of twenty or less for the transportation of passengers in the state;

(b) Has been approved as capable of providing public transportation services by the appropriate city or county governing body; and

(c) Operates or proposes to operate a public transportation service in an area which the department has identified as not being adequately served by existing public or private transportation services pursuant to section 13-1205; and

(8) Intercity bus system shall mean a system of regularly scheduled bus service for the general public which operates with limited stops over fixed routes connecting two or more communities or areas not in close proximity which support public transportation service. At least one terminus of the intercity bus system shall be in an area that makes meaningful connections with intercity service to more distant points.


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