Nebraska Revised Statute 13-1119

Chapter 13


Change of boundaries; exclusion of tracts.

The boundaries of a designated industrial area may be changed to exclude one or more tracts, or parts of tracts, of real estate within the area upon the request of the owner or owners of the tracts, or parts of tracts, proposed to be excluded, and by the owners filing a petition, publishing a notice thereof, and having a hearing on the petition in the same manner as when an original petition to designate a contiguous tract as an industrial area is filed. The county clerk of the county in which the tract proposed to be excluded is situated shall cause a copy of the published notice to be mailed by certified mail, within five days after the first publication of the notice, to each of the owners of record and other persons, if any, in possession of the real estate not proposed to be excluded from the industrial area, whose addresses are known to the county clerk. After the hearing, if the county board shall find that the best interests of the community and the industrial area will be served by the exclusion of the tracts, the county board shall enter an order excluding the tracts, or parts of tracts, requested to be excluded. When a certified copy of such order is filed with the register of deeds and county assessor of the county or counties in which the real estate excluded is located, such tracts, or parts of tracts, shall no longer be an industrial area.