Nebraska Revised Statute 13-1118

Chapter 13


Change of boundaries; inclusion of tracts.

The boundaries of the designated industrial area may be changed to include other tracts of real estate containing not less than ten acres when contiguous to the area designated as an industrial area by filing a petition, publishing a notice thereof, and having a hearing on the petition in the same manner as when an original petition to designate a contiguous tract as an industrial area is filed. The county board of the county in which the petition was filed shall designate such additional tract in the industrial area to which the tract is to be attached if the board shall find that the conditions of the provisions of section 13-1114 are complied with. After such designation by such county board, such tract that is designated as part of the industrial area shall be governed by the provisions of sections 13-1111 to 13-1120 as though it was part of the original designated tract as an industrial area.


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