Nebraska Revised Statute 13-1115

Chapter 13


Designation; use; inclusion within municipality; when.

Upon designation of such tract as an industrial area by the county board of the county in which the petition is filed, such designated area shall thereupon be used or reserved for the location of industry. Such land may be used for agricultural purposes until the use is converted for the location of industry as set forth in sections 13-1111 to 13-1120. If such tract has a taxable valuation of more than two hundred eighty-six thousand dollars, it shall not be subject to inclusion within the boundaries of any incorporated city of the first or second class or village, except that such tract regardless of taxable valuation may be annexed if (1) it is located in a county with a population in excess of one hundred thousand persons and the city or village did not approve the original designation of such tract as an industrial area pursuant to section 13-1112, (2) the annexation is stipulated in the terms and conditions agreed upon between the county and the city or village in any agreement entered into pursuant to section 13-1112, or (3) the owners of a majority in value of the property in such tract as shown upon the last preceding county assessment roll consent to such inclusion in writing or petition the city council or village board to annex such area.



  • Industrial area was not subject to inclusion within boundaries of city. City of Grand Island v. Ehlers, 180 Neb. 331, 142 N.W.2d 770 (1966).