Nebraska Revised Statute 13-1112

Chapter 13


Municipal bodies; notification of filing; approval; failure to reply; effect.

Upon filing the petition under the provisions of section 13-1111, the county clerk, or if the real estate is situated in more than one county, the county clerk of the county having the greater portion of such real estate, shall notify such municipal legislative bodies in whose area of zoning jurisdiction an industrial tract is located in whole or in part as shall have developed a comprehensive development plan and shall be exercising zoning jurisdiction in the area concerned. Such notification shall request approval or disapproval by the municipal legislative body of the designation of such tract within thirty days after receipt of such notification, which approval may be conditioned upon terms agreed to between the city and county. The designation of any tract as an industrial area shall be in compliance with the zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, and appropriate ordinances and regulations of such city or village. If formal reply to the notification of the county board's intention to designate such tract as an industrial area is not received within thirty days, the county board shall construe such inaction as approval of such designation.


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