Nebraska Revised Statute 12-529

Chapter 12


Grounds; abandonment; sale; scope and application of law.

The provisions of sections 12-521 to 12-529 shall apply only to such cemetery associations, and to the real estate and property thereof, as the court shall find should be prohibited from further using any of its real estate as a place to bury the dead, and where the court shall find that a portion of its real estate may be sold without detriment to or impairing the usefulness of that portion of its grounds actually occupied by graves of persons theretofore buried therein by permission or authority of such association, and where the court shall also find that it is for the best interest of the persons interested in said association and cemetery and the public, that such portion should be sold and the proceeds of such sale turned over and transferred in trust to some other like association, having a place of burial for the dead in actual use in the same vicinity, or used for the establishment of a new cemetery in the same vicinity.


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