Nebraska Revised Statute 12-1202

Chapter 12


Legislative findings and declarations.

The Legislature hereby finds and declares that:

(1) Human burial sites which do not presently resemble well-tended and well-marked cemeteries are subject to a higher degree of vandalism and inadvertent destruction than well-tended and well-marked cemeteries;

(2) Although existing law prohibits removal, concealment, or abandonment of any dead human body and provides for the care and maintenance of abandoned or neglected cemeteries and pioneer cemeteries, additional statutory guidelines and protections are in the public interest;

(3) Existing law on cemeteries reflects the value placed on preserving human burial sites but does not clearly provide equal and adequate protection or incentives to assure preservation of all human burial sites in this state;

(4) An unknown number of unmarked human burial sites containing the remains of pioneers, settlers, and Indians are scattered throughout the state;

(5) No adequate procedure regarding the treatment and disposition of human skeletal remains from unmarked graves exists to protect the interests of relatives or other interested persons; and

(6) There are scientific, educational, religious, and cultural interests in the remains of our ancestors and those interests, whenever possible, should be served.