Nebraska Revised Statute 10-501

Chapter 10


Issuance; conditions; limitations.

The county board of any county in the State of Nebraska is hereby empowered to issue coupon bonds of any denomination, as it deems best, sufficient to pay the outstanding and unpaid bonds, warrants, and indebtedness of such county. The county board of any county may limit the provisions of sections 10-501 to 10-509 to any fund or funds of the county. No bonds shall be issued to a greater amount than three and five-tenths percent of the taxable valuation of such county, and the county board shall first submit the question of issuing bonds to a vote of the qualified electors of such county.


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  • There was no authority to issue refunding bonds prior to act of 1883. State ex rel. Otoe County v. Babcock, 23 Neb. 802, 37 N.W. 645 (1888).

  • Bonds held valid by federal court in hands of a bona fide holder may be compromised and bonds issued under this article to refund prior issue. State ex rel. Leese v. Wilkinson, 20 Neb. 610, 31 N.W. 376 (1887).

  • County commissioners have no authority to employ private parties to refund county bonds, and divert a portion of the amount received therefor from the public treasury. State ex rel. Webster v. Board of County Comrs. of Lancaster County, 20 Neb. 419, 30 N.W. 538 (1886).

  • Total issues restricted to ten percent of assessed valuation. State ex rel. Wiant v. Babcock, 18 Neb. 141, 24 N.W. 556 (1885).

  • This section does not authorize levy of sinking fund tax to pay floating indebtedness. Union P. R. R. Co. v. Buffalo County, 9 Neb. 449, 4 N.W. 53 (1880).

  • Limitation of amount of bonds to ten percent of assessed valuation applies only to bonds issued under this article without regard to bonds previously issued. Valley County v. McLean, 79 F. 728 (8th Cir. 1897).