Nebraska Revised Statute 10-107

Chapter 10


County bonds; statement of county indebtedness; duties of county clerk; compensation.

At such times as the Auditor of Public Accounts may request, the county clerk shall make out, certify, and transmit to the auditor a full and complete statement of the bonded indebtedness of every description of such county at the date of such statement, particularly setting forth the nature of such bonds and the purpose for which the same were issued. The county clerk shall receive the same compensation for services rendered under this section and section 10-106 as is allowed by law for a copy of like records. Such compensation shall be paid by the county.


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  • Mandamus petition must show that Auditor of Public Accounts was furnished with necessary data. State ex rel. Niles v. Weston, 67 Neb. 175, 93 N.W. 182 (1903).