Nebraska Revised Statute 10-106

Chapter 10


County bonds; registration; procedure; certified statement; record.

The officers of any county in this state issuing bonds shall register in a book kept for that purpose (1) the notice of election, the manner and time of publication, the question submitted, and the adoption of the proposition pursuant to which such bonds were issued and (2) the date, the amount, the number, the maturity, and the place of payment of such bonds, the rate of interest thereon, and the time when and place where such interest is payable. They shall, at the time such bonds are issued, make out and transmit to the county clerk a certified statement of such registry, which shall be attested by the county clerk under his or her official seal. The county clerk, upon the receipt of such statement, shall, in a book kept for that purpose, make an accurate record of the same.


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  • This section applies to refunding bonds. State ex rel. Niles v. Weston, 67 Neb. 175, 93 N.W. 182 (1903).