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Search for statute range from 84-712 to 84-712.09
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84-712 Public records; free examination; memorandum and abstracts; copies; fees. Print Friendly
84-712.01 Public records; right of citizens; full access; fee authorized. Print Friendly
84-712.02 Public records; claimants before United States Department of Veterans Affairs; certified copies free of charge. Print Friendly
84-712.03 Public records; denial of rights; remedies. Print Friendly
84-712.04 Public records; denial of rights; public body; provide information. Print Friendly
84-712.05 Records which may be withheld from the public; enumerated. Print Friendly
84-712.06 Public record; portion provided; when. Print Friendly
84-712.07 Public records; public access; equitable relief; attorney's fees; costs. Print Friendly
84-712.08 Records; federal government; exception. Print Friendly
84-712.09 Violation; penalty. Print Friendly