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Search for statute range from 81-15,167 to 81-15,176
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81-15,167 Act, how cited.
81-15,168 Legislative intent.
81-15,169 Terms, defined.
81-15,170 Nebraska Environmental Trust Board; created; membership; qualifications; executive director.
81-15,170.01 Board members; conflict of interest; treatment.
81-15,171 Board members; terms; vacancy; expenses.
81-15,172 Board; officers; meetings.
81-15,173 Board; powers and duties.
81-15,174 Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund; created; use; investment.
81-15,174.01 Nebraska Environmental Endowment Fund; created; use; investment.
81-15,175 Fund allocations; board; powers and duties; grant award to Water Resources Cash Fund; payments; legislative intent; additional grant; additional reporting.
81-15,176 Environmental categories of projects; board; establish grant criteria.