Nebraska Revised Statute 81-15,168

Chapter 81


Legislative intent.

It is the intent of the Legislature to establish the Nebraska Environmental Trust for the purpose of conserving, enhancing, and restoring the natural physical and biological environment in Nebraska, including the air, land, ground water and surface water, flora and fauna, prairies and forests, wildlife and wildlife habitat, and natural areas of aesthetic or scenic values. The current and future well-being of the state and its citizens is vitally dependent on a safe and clean environment and requires a dynamic, proactive approach to address environmental needs. The trust shall complement existing governmental and private efforts by encouraging and leveraging the use of private resources on environmental needs with the greatest potential impact on future environmental quality in Nebraska. The trust shall develop a long-range environmental focus which encompasses the vision of all Nebraskans regarding the future of the environment and shall join public and private efforts in achieving the collective environmental goals of Nebraska's citizens.


  • Laws 1992, LB 1257, § 45.