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Search for statute range from 44-4601 to 44-4612
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44-4601 Act, how cited.
44-4602 Act; purposes.
44-4603 Terms, defined.
44-4604 Act; applicability; how construed; licensure conditions; contract requirements.
44-4605 License, required; application; fee; refusal to issue or renew; grounds; renewal; application; fee.
44-4606 Participation contract; requirements; disclosure of information; limitations; contract termination; grounds; pharmacy benefit manager, prohibited acts.
44-4607 Pharmacy audit; auditing entity; requirements; recoupment; terms and conditions; documentation requirements; appeal process; audit reports.
44-4608 Contract; pharmacy benefit manager; cost price list; duties; disputes; procedures.
44-4609 Pharmacy benefit manager; 340B entity; 340B contract pharmacy; treatment; discrimination, prohibited.
44-4610 Pharmacy benefit manager; specialty pharmacy network; exclusions.
44-4611 Act; enforcement; director; powers and duties; monetary penalty.
44-4612 Rules and regulations.