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Search for statute range from 32-1401 to 32-1417
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32-1401 Initiative petition; form. Print Friendly
32-1402 Referendum petition; form. Print Friendly
32-1403 Initiative or referendum; petition; title and text required; filing. Print Friendly
32-1404 Initiative and referendum petitions; signers and circulators; requirements. Print Friendly
32-1405 Initiative and referendum petitions; sponsors; filing required; Revisor of Statutes; Secretary of State; duties. Print Friendly
32-1405.01 Initiative and referendum measures; informational pamphlet; contents; distribution. Print Friendly
32-1405.02 Initiative and referendum measures; public hearing; notice. Print Friendly
32-1406 Initiative and referendum petitions; principal circulator; name and address. Print Friendly
32-1407 Initiative petition; filing deadline; issue placed on ballot; when; referendum petition; filing deadline; affidavit of sponsor. Print Friendly
32-1408 Initiative and referendum petitions; Secretary of State; refuse filing; when. Print Friendly
32-1409 Initiative and referendum petitions; signature verification; procedure; certification; Secretary of State; duties. Print Friendly
32-1410 Initiative and referendum petitions; ballot title; statement of effect; Attorney General; duties; appeal. Print Friendly
32-1411 Initiative and referendum measures; numbering; placement on ballot. Print Friendly
32-1412 Initiative and referendum measures; refusal of Secretary of State to place on ballot; jurisdiction of district court; parties; appeal. Print Friendly
32-1413 Initiative and referendum measures; publication required; rate. Print Friendly
32-1414 Initiative and referendum measures; counting, canvassing, and return of votes; proclamation by Governor. Print Friendly
32-1415 Initiative or referendum; approved; preservation and printing. Print Friendly
32-1416 Conflicting laws; adoption; which law controls. Print Friendly
32-1417 Constitution of United States; proposed amendment; adoption or rejection; submission to voters for advisory vote. Print Friendly