Nebraska Revised Statute 32-1411

Chapter 32


Initiative and referendum measures; numbering; placement on ballot.

(1) The Secretary of State shall number the measures proposed by initiative or referendum to be voted upon at the next general election. Beginning with the 1986 general election, the first measure shall be numbered 400 and the succeeding measures shall be numbered consecutively 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, and so on.

(2) When any initiative or referendum petition is regularly and legally filed with the Secretary of State, he or she shall, at the next general election, cause to be printed on an official ballot in a nonpartisan manner the ballot title and number of the measure. The ballot titles shall be printed on the official ballot in a random order as determined by the Secretary of State. The statement prepared by the Attorney General shall be printed in italics immediately preceding the ballot title on the official ballot. Measures proposed by initiative petition shall be designated and distinguished on the ballot by the heading Proposed by Initiative Petition. Measures referred by petition shall be designated Referendum ordered by Petition of the People. All initiative and referendum measures shall be submitted in a nonpartisan manner without any indication or suggestion on the ballot that they have been approved or endorsed by any political party or organization.

(3) At the time the Secretary of State furnishes to the election commissioners or county clerks certified copies of the names of the candidates for state and other offices, the Secretary of State shall furnish to each election commissioner or county clerk a certified copy of the ballot titles and numbers of the measures proposed by initiative or referendum to be voted upon at the next general election. The election commissioner or county clerk shall print such ballot titles and numbers upon the official ballot in the order presented by the Secretary of State and the relative position required by this section.


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