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In 2012, the Nebraska Legislature enacted the Office of Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare Act, the state law creating the OIG and authorizing its activities. Those sections of law may be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Applicable Statutes:
43-4301Act, how cited.
43-4302Legislative intent.
43-4303Definitions; where found.
43-4304Administrator, defined.
43-4305Department, defined.
43-4306Director, defined.
43-4307Inspector General, defined.
43-4308Licensed child care facility, defined.
43-4309Malfeasance, defined.
43-4310Management, defined.
43-4311Misfeasance, defined.
43-4312Obstruction, defined.
43-4313Office, defined.
43-4314Private agency, defined.
43-4315Record, defined.
43-4316Responsible individual, defined.
43-4317Office of Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare; created; purpose; Inspector General; appointment; term; certification; employees; removal.
43-4318Office; duties; law enforcement agencies and prosecuting attorneys; cooperation; confidentiality.
43-4319Office; access to information and personnel; investigation.
43-4320Complaints to office; form; full investigation; when.
43-4321Cooperation with office; when required.
43-4322Failure to cooperate; effect.
43-4323Inspector General; powers; rights of person required to provide information.
43-4324Office; access to records; subpoena; records; statement of record integrity and security; contents; treatment of records.
43-4325Reports of investigations; distribution; redact confidential information; powers of office.
43-4326Department; provide direct computer access.
43-4327Inspector General's report of investigation; contents; distribution.
43-4328Report; director; accept, reject, or request modification; when final; written response; corrected report; credentialing issue; how treated.
43-4329Report or work product; no court review.
43-4330Inspector General; investigation of complaints; priority and selection.
43-4331Summary of reports and investigations; contents.