Journal Summary for March 9th, 2017

105th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 44

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Document Description Journal Page
LB447 Placed on Select File with ER17 673
LB447 Enrollment and Review ER17 filed 673
LB447A Placed on Select File 673
LB195 Placed on Select File 673
LB263 Transportation and Telecommunications priority bill 673
LB339 Transportation and Telecommunications priority bill 673
LB173 Bolz priority bill 673
LR61 Date of introduction 674
LB259 Hansen priority bill 674
LB265 Briese priority bill 674
LB641 Placed on General File with AM560 674
LB641 Banking, Commerce and Insurance AM560 filed 674
LR61 Laid over 674
LB225 Crawford priority bill 675
LR51 Adopted 676
LR51 President/Speaker signed 676
LR52 Adopted 676
LR52 President/Speaker signed 676
LR53 Adopted 676
LR53 President/Speaker signed 676
LR54 Adopted 676
LR54 President/Speaker signed 676
LR55 Adopted 676
LR55 President/Speaker signed 676
LB407 Executive Board AM140 adopted 676
LB407 Pansing Brooks AM528 adopted 676
LB407 Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial 677
LR16CA Placed on General File 677
LB350 McCollister AM382 filed 678
LB597 Indefinitely postponed 678
LB641 Morfeld priority bill 678
LB276 Agriculture priority bill 678
LB484 Kolowski priority bill 678
LB291 Larson priority bill 678
LB233 Stinner priority bill 678
LB217 Revenue priority bill 678
LB268 Schumacher priority bill 678
LR1CA Murante priority resolution 678
LB644 Government, Military and Veterans Affairs priority bill 678
LB451 Government, Military and Veterans Affairs priority bill 678
LB595 Groene priority bill 678
LB338 Brasch priority bill 678
LR48 Adopted 678
LR48 President/Speaker signed 678
LR49 Adopted 678
LR49 President/Speaker signed 678
LR50 Adopted 678
LR50 President/Speaker signed 678
LB140 Williams AM437 filed 679
LR62 Date of introduction 679
LB368 Hilkemann AM503 pending 679
LR62 Laid over 679
LB91 Hilkemann priority bill 682
LB417 Riepe priority bill 682
LB335 Health and Human Services priority bill 682
LB333 Health and Human Services priority bill 682
LB356 Appropriations priority bill 682
LB611 Appropriations priority bill 682
LB651 Linehan priority bill 682
LB432 Erdman priority bill 682
LB368 Hilkemann FA43 filed 682
LB373 Legislature's Planning priority bill, contingent upon the adoption of the permanent rules 682
LB144 Bostelman priority bill 683
LB75 Wayne priority bill 683
LB9 Krist priority bill 683
LB427 Vargas priority bill 683
LB640 Friesen priority bill 683
LB40 Indefinitely postponed 683
LB518 Briese name added 683