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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB296 Sen Ballard Passed Adopt the Pet Insurance Act, require use of National Provider Identifiers by health care providers, and change insurance reimbursement provisions for telehealth services
LB392 Sen Ballard Referral Authorize the electronic delivery of certain health benefit plan documents
LB402 Sen Ballard Indefinitely postponed Redefine home health agency under Health Care Facility Licensure Act
LB437 Sen Ballard Referral Change the renewal period for business entity licenses under the Insurance Producers Licensing Act
LB458 Sen Ballard Referral Allow certain central fill pharmacies to deliver to a patient under the Prescription Drug Safety Act
LB548 Sen Ballard Indefinitely postponed Change examination and compounding requirements under the Pharmacy Practice Act
LB549 Sen Ballard Referral Change restrictions based on age for certain health care, power of attorney, and financial documents
LB550 Sen Ballard Referral Change provisions relating to the enrollment option program
LB662 Sen Ballard Referral Change provisions of the Nebraska Right to Farm Act relating to certain public or private nuisances
LB669 Sen Ballard Referral Provide powers for the Director of Banking and Finance regarding conditions on financial institutions
LB721 Sen Ballard Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Transportation for the East Beltway project in Lancaster County
LR82 Sen Ballard Adopted Congratulate Logan Lovelace on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR83 Sen Ballard Adopted Congratulate the Parkview Christian High School boys basketball team on winning the 2023 Class D-2 state championship
LR130 Sen Ballard Referral Interim study to examine the potential construction of the proposed East Beltway administered jointly by the city of Lincoln and Lancaster County
LR175 Sen Ballard Referral Interim study to determine the impact on commerce, commercial and economic activity, and the community by having a United States Postal Service office in the West Haymarket area of downtown Lincoln
LR176 Sen Ballard Referral Interim study to examine the Nebraska Right to Farm Act in comparison to similar laws in other states that rely on agriculture and recruitment of agriculture-related businesses as a significant portion of the economy
LR211 Sen Ballard Referral Interim study to examine the statewide availability of assisted-living memory care for individuals with Alzheimer's disease or other dementia and the accessibility of this type of care for medicaid beneficiaries