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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB15 McKinney Indefinitely postponed Provide for counting Nebraska residents in Nebraska prisons for redistricting purposes
LB349 McKinney Referral Create El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Malcolm X Day and establish a holiday
LB450 McKinney General File Adopt the Nebraska Innovation Hub Act
LB451 McKinney Passed Define terms and change provisions relating to unlawful employment practices under the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act
LB452 McKinney Passed Adopt the Financial Literacy Act and provide graduation requirements and academic content standards
LB452A McKinney Final Reading Appropriation Bill
LB453 McKinney General File Require landlords to comply with certain ordinances and change provisions relating to remedies under the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
LB479 McKinney Passed Change the membership and duties of a committee and require a report under the Convention Center Facility Financing Assistance Act
LB480 McKinney Referral Change the minimum wage as prescribed
LB481 McKinney Referral Adopt the Marijuana Conviction Clean Slate Act, decriminalize possessory marijuana and synthetic cannabinoid offenses and drug paraphernalia offenses, and change related provisions
LB515 McKinney Referral Adopt the Municipal Police Oversight Act
LB516 McKinney General File Change provisions relating to self-sufficiency contracts and work activity requirements under the Welfare Reform Act
LB601 McKinney Referral Require law enforcement agencies to maintain records regarding officer discipline and create a public data base of law enforcement officer misconduct
LR4 McKinney Adopted Thank former Senator Ernie Chambers for his service to the Legislature and the State of Nebraska and congratulate him on his incredible career of public service
LR55 McKinney Adopted Congratulate Blackburn Alternative High School for receiving a 2021 NebraskARTS Award
LR70 McKinney Adopted Recognize Manifested Purpose, LLC Family Life Education and Coaching for its work in empowering families and providing Black history education to youth in the Omaha community
LR71 McKinney Adopted Recognize the Emerging Ladies Academy for its work in inspiring Black girls in the Omaha community
LR72 McKinney Adopted Recognize the Manhood Development Program and the Sisterhood Program of the Urban Flag Football League for their work in teaching life skills and self-discipline to Black youth in Omaha
LR113 McKinney Recognize April as Second Chance Month
LR160 McKinney Adopted Recognize Black Men United of Omaha for providing mentorship and educational opportunities for Black boys and Black men in Omaha
LR161 McKinney Referral Interim study to examine the impact of natural hair discrimination in Nebraska educational settings
LR170 McKinney Referral Interim study to examine the potential impact that innovation hubs could have in Nebraska
LR171 McKinney Referral Interim study to examine the rights, roles, and responsibilities of Nebraska county election officials, state election officials, and relevant court and corrections personnel in carrying out state law regarding voting rights for former felony offenders
LR172 McKinney Referral Interim study to examine the negative impacts of an oversaturation of nonprofit organizations and philanthropy in densely populated areas of high poverty
LR210 McKinney Referral Interim study to examine poverty and incarceration and the appropriations necessary to reduce both