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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB243 Bostar General File Adopt the Access College Early Tech Promise Program Act
LB243A Bostar General File Appropriation Bill
LB279 Bostar Referral Authorize certain activities that are eligible for assistance from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund
LB391 Bostar Referral Transfer funds to the Customized Job Training Cash Fund
LB464 Bostar Referral State intent regarding behavioral health aid funding
LB465 Bostar Referral Change provisions relating to the Behavioral Health Services Fund
LB467 Bostar General File Adopt updated electrical standards
LB477 Bostar Referral Require the Secretary of State to provide an advisory opinion on the object statement and text of a proposed initiative or referendum measure
LB573 Bostar Referral Change the definition of qualified facility for purposes of net metering
LB574 Bostar Referral Change motor vehicle identification inspection requirements
LB575 Bostar Referral Adopt the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact
LB576 Bostar Referral Appropriate funds to the University of Nebraska
LB577 Bostar Referral Establish Election Day as a holiday and change provisions relating to early voting and automatic voter registration
LB630 Bostar Delivered to Governor Provide for a study of the efficacy of commercial air filters in classrooms
LB630A Bostar Delivered to Governor Appropriation Bill
LB631 Bostar General File Prohibit counties from prohibiting the use of residential property as short-term rentals
LB632 Bostar Referral Provide for a low-income student or first-generation college student internship program
LB735 Bostar Referral Change an interest rate relating to property tax refunds
LB736 Bostar Referral Redefine E-85 for grants for ethanol infrastructure projects
LB737 Bostar Referral Adopt the Primary Care Investment Act
LB738 Bostar Referral Adopt the LIBOR Transition Act for contracts, securities, and instruments
LB739 Bostar Referral Change provisions relating to insurance coverage of colorectal cancer screenings
LB754 Bostar Referral Extend the commercial air filter pilot program of the State Department of Education
LB849 Bostar Referral Provide a penalty for violations relating to recall elections
LB850 Bostar Referral Change provisions relating to the cancellation and extinguishment of certain delinquent property taxes
LB903 Bostar Referral Change provisions relating to criminal privacy violations and prohibit spying by unmanned aircraft
LB935 Bostar Referral Adopt the County Minimum Wage Option Act
LB936 Bostar Referral Change provisions relating to the taxation of nonresident income
LB943 Bostar Referral Prohibit certain provisions in a health plan in relation to clinician-administered drugs
LB964 Bostar Referral Provide for per diems and actual meal expenses for the Nebraska State Patrol
LB965 Bostar Referral Change the day the state observes Arbor Day
LB993 Bostar Referral Provide for a limitation on digital asset and cryptocurrency custody services
LB1042 Bostar Referral Change provisions relating to insurance and rebates
LB1081 Bostar Referral Provide for a grant program for the design, construction, and implementation of water transport infrastructure under the Department of Natural Resources and state intent to appropriate federal funds
LB1176 Bostar Referral Change the Affordable Housing Tax Credit Act
LB1177 Bostar Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services for a pilot program for frontline first responders
LB1186 Bostar Referral Rename and change provisions of the Oil Pipeline Reclamation Act
LB1255 Bostar Referral Appropriate federal funds to the University of Nebraska for an updated climate change report
LB1257 Bostar Referral Appropriate federal funds to the Department of Transportation for grants for electric vehicle direct-current fast charging stations
LB1258 Bostar Referral Adopt the Peer-to-Peer Vehicle Sharing Program Act
LB1268 Bostar Referral Remove the prohibition that a lottery ticket cannot be sold through a vending or dispensing device under the State Lottery Act
LB1273 Bostar Referral Provide an income tax deduction to retired law enforcement officers for health insurance premiums
LR283CA Bostar Referral Constitutional amendment to authorize any city, county, or other political subdivision that operates an airport to expend revenue for developing regularly scheduled commercial passenger air service at the airport