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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB106 Dorn Final Reading Change provisions relating to disclosure of DNA records under the DNA Identification Information Act
LB107 Dorn Passed Change provisions relating to city and village plumbing boards and change a penalty
LB239 Dorn Indefinitely postponed Change requirements for notice of hearing on county budget
LB472 Dorn Veto Overridden Adopt the Qualified Judgment Payment Act, authorize a sales and use tax, and require a property tax levy
LB473 Dorn Referral Change revenue and taxation provisions relating to judgments against public corporations and political subdivisions, authorize certain loans, and provide powers and duties to the State Treasurer
LB474 Dorn Referral Change provisions relating to claims against the state for wrongful incarceration and conviction
LB524 Dorn Passed Change provisions relating to annexations under the Nebraska Budget Act
LB525 Dorn Passed Change provisions relating to the sale of county land in fee simple
LB666 Dorn Referral Change Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund provisions and provide for a transfer to the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska for a program to train first responders and emergency medical technicians in rural areas
LB761 Dorn Referral Change motor vehicle registration fees and provide funding for the simulation in motion program
LB762 Dorn Referral Provide for transfers to the Hall of Fame Trust Fund
LB763 Dorn General File Change provisions relating to certain payments of funds to townships
LR181 Dorn Referral Interim study to examine new funding streams for financial stability of the simulation-in-motion Nebraska program
LR265 Dorn Congratulate the student athletes and coaches of Southwest High School
LR367 Dorn Referral Interim study to examine set fee and fine amounts and the costs experienced by county governments when administering the associated services